Research support function

The Centre offers guidance for students and support for researchers at the University of Southern Denmark and Odense University Hospital, who conduct clinical research projects, especially systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

The research support can be provided in two ways: as a methods partnership, or as a methods consultancy.

Methods partnership
Guidance and support in the form of a methods partnership will involve close cooperation (throughout the project phases from planning, data collection, analysis, and reporting) between one of the Centre’s staff and the student or researcher. The objective of the cooperation is a scientific publication. A typical example of a project could be a research project which is part of a PhD thesis (for example a systematic review).

An application for a methods partnership should be addressed to OPEN and should contain a) a short outline of the project’s research question, if possible in PICO format (clarification of population, intervention, comparison, and outcome) or in the form of a protocol, b) expected time frame and c) publication plan.
The Centre will strive to ensure (but cannot guarantee) that all inquiries will be able to receive a methods partner.

Methods consultancy
Guidance of students and support for researchers in the form of consulting will involve a conversation with clarification of methodological needs, answers to specific questions and a proposed project plan. All inquiries based on a specific project are guaranteed one hour of consultancy.

A request regarding a methods consultant should be directed to OPEN
If further assistance is deemed necessary, it can be agreed on for an honorarium.